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  Reno Family Law Attorney

650 South Rock Boulevard, Suite 21-A

Reno, Nevada 89502

Telephone: 775-677-7777

Facsimile: 775-786-3388

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS: We offer flexible payment plans to allow you to get the quality legal representation you need now! 

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I had another attorney representing my case before Mr. Clifton Young. I changed my attorney as I was told my case might go to trial and I needed someone like Mr. Young who is experienced in trial court. What a great difference was made after Mr. Young took over my case!!! He did as he says.. he is aggressive and results-oriented. He worked actively on my case and successfully convinced the DA to dismissed the case before even filing with the court!!! Mr. Young charged me less money than my previous attorney and in fact the least among all attorneys I consulted for my case, but offered me the best result I could ever imagine. Thank you for saving me money and I am so very satisfied with “OUR” Results!

Mrs. Preston:

Our situation was quite unique and unexpected and having to find a lawyer last minute is never a great idea. We were fortunate to find Mr. Clifton Young, the morning before the first hearing. Having seen great reviews I sought an opinion from him in regards to our case. Mr. Young was able to gather information regarding the case in a quick manner, review fees with me without hassle, and provide me representation the same day. Since then, our case has moved forward positively. Mr. Clifton Young has been very reliable and upfront. He has communicated with us frequently, kept up on the case, and represented us aggressively.
Mr. Clifton Young is an excellent trustworthy attorney. We can say he truly cares about his clients and will do what he can for the best results. We would definitely recommend Mr. Clifton Young to anyone who is seeking a great lawyer in the Reno | Tahoe Area!

Mr. Harper:

Not a pleasant feeling, having to hire a criminal attorney. I was really nervous, but I managed to find Mr. Clifton Young during a web search.
From the beginning, he made me feel relaxed and treated me with respect and professionalism. He is a caring and decent man, and a sharp, seasoned attorney. He knows all the local judges and does his homework.
Most of all, he is human and makes you feel at ease. Not a characteristic one would associate with an attorney, but this man is the real deal. He takes the time to listen to your side of the story, and treats you as someone who matters and has worth. Again, I wasn’t expecting this from an attorney.
Bottom line: this man will give you the best legal defense money can buy, and you’ll be treated with respect through the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Clifton Young, and have seen the way other attorneys respect him in and out of the courtroom. Thank you for everything and I will refer you to my many aquaintences.


I had the pleasure in hiring Cliff Young Attorney at Law for my child support and spousal support case last year in 2010. He was very competent, careful and caring when speaking to the judge about my case. He is also very professional and knowledgeable regarding the laws governing our great state of Nevada. I am very please with the judgement and stipulation i received regarding my case. Please do not hesitate to call Cliff Young attorney at law for help with your case.


Finally, a bankruptcy attorney I could afford AND got what I wanted done! I had used attorney Cliff Young before for my divorce and custody issues, and came back to him when I needed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with Cliff Young's services and I will definitely come back to him if I need legal help again. I highly recommend him!


 Awsome Attorney I phoned the Office of Cliff Young in Reno, Nevada. After a brief conversation i was told that Mr Young could help me. I was then scheduled an appointment and my mind was at ease. The next week I met with this Mr Cliff Young, I might add the most understanding person in the world. My case was very out of the ordinary, Cliff Young proceeded to take good notes and follow up with the necessary research to cause my case to end up in my favor. I would not hesitate to use Cliff Young for any thing he says he can do!! Please check out other attorneys and see if they are only out for the $$$. I assure you Mr Young is one of the best Lawyers in Reno.




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